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  • Letter: PCHS Marching Band having an amazing season
    Thanks to all the parents and PCHS Marching Band supporters who came out to MetLife Stadium for the Yamaha Cup US Bands Competition on Saturday, Oct. 15 and the NY State Championship on Saturday, Oct. 22 and cheered on the Pride of Port Chester.
  • Who is Julie Killian? She is a mother of five children, wife to Gary Killian; she has a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame and an MBA from NYU. She worked for 14 years in finance on Wall Street. That is quite an impressive resume. 

  • A media sage of the last century remarked, “People everywhere confuse what they read in newspapers with news.”

    Were the Westmore News the single civic guide to readers beyond Port Chester, this village would be seen as a modern-day Dodge City. A lawless outpost in an otherwise very civil province of the Hudson Valley.

  • Here’s a brief Julie Killian primer I tell the few voters I meet who still don’t know this very special woman and Rye City Councilwoman running for New York State Senate in the 37th District, which includes all of you dear subscribers of the Westmore News.

  • I am writing to ensure all my neighbors in Rye Brook and surrounding communities know that I have always been a staunch opponent of expansion at the Westchester County Airport, and during my years in County government, I worked to maintain the protections in place that limit flights, times and passengers.

  • In keeping with our longstanding policy, we will not accept any letters to the editor relating to the Nov. 8 election after next week.
  • I strongly endorse Julie Killian for State Senate and take issue with State Senator George Latimer when he calls the Rye mom, anti-drug advocate, and Councilwoman a “snake oil salesman” for advocating term limits. 

  • In my 26 years living in Port Chester, many of the local county, state and national legislators have been effective in supporting the needs of our community. When I was executive director of the Port Chester Carver Center, officer of several local community organizations, and later as local NAACP president, George Latimer made himself available to specific concerns of those particular interest groups as well as the overall concerns of Port Chester. 
  • Thank you to those community persons including all of our legislators present at our 75th anniversary celebration last Saturday, Oct. 15 at the Knights of Columbus reception hall. Our honorees, former Rotary president Rozyln Carvin, former Port Chester Village Trustee Joseph Kenner, Eagle Scout and research analyst on the Rye African American cemetery Daniel Vitagliano and community activist Grace Young, were in receipt of plaques from the NAACP. 
  • I want to express my gratitude to the Port Chester/Rye Branch of the NAACP for selecting me as an honoree for their 8th annual Freedom Fund Luncheon, held during their 75th year anniversary. I would like to personally congratulate my fellow honorees Rozlyn Carvin, Joseph Kenner and Grace Young. 
  • In a previous letter, I said I would be back again, so here I am. If I were able, I would be writing each week in the Westmore News, stating how strongly I feel that George Latimer must be reelected as our State Senator. It isn’t that I am of the same party as he is. 
  • From Our Editor: No seal of approval for resealed lot
    Driving past what was once a makeshift parking lot in the center of Port Chester across from Buffalo Wild Wings and the Loews movie theater complex during the past week, I noticed that it had been freshly sealed and striped. 
  • The Blind Brook Board of Education would like to invite all community members to attend a presentation regarding a proposed construction project to maintain and improve district facilities. The main focus of the project would be significant construction/renovation at the Bruno M. Ponterio Ridge Street Elementary School.
  • The nice thing about living in a small town is that most everybody knows everybody else, or at least knows someone else who once knew someone, or at least their cousin, who knew everybody else.

    If you catch my drift...which isn’t always easy.

  • The Friends of the Port Chester–Rye Brook Public Library are looking for Westchester authors who would be interested in selling signed copies of their books at a local authors book festival on the afternoon of Saturday, Dec. 3 (with a snow date of Saturday, Dec. 17). 
  • Recently the County Executive advanced plans to expand flights, aircraft at the County Airport. In the 1970s, the County and the Federal Aviation Administration had plans to do the same by adding another long runway, a taxiing runway and a short runway, plus all the needed supporting additions with unlimited traffic. 
  • For shame, CVS!
    A few weeks ago, I went into the CVS located at 1121 Boston Post Rd. in Rye and found that the disabled parking spots were no longer located closest to the entrance of the store as required by law. The parking spots for the disabled were moved to the other side of the parking lot nearest the corner where the cars would have to swivel around to go to other parking spots.
  • Recently, certain members of the Port Chester Industrial Development Agency (IDA) have expressed interest in instituting a policy establishing labor standards for projects receiving financial benefits from the IDA. If it were to adopt such a policy, the Port Chester IDA would be joining the IDAs of the Town of Hempstead as well as Nassau, Suffolk, Rockland, Oswego and Orange counties, all of which have some sort of policy for local-hire and/or prevailing wages on projects they fund with taxpayer money.
  • Rye Brook’s Doral Arrowwood: Action central for Hillary Clinton’s debate prep

    For months, I have been trudging from my home at Doral Greens across the adjacent parking lot and down the hill to the gym and swimming pool facilities at the Doral Arrowwood Hotel and Conference Center for my daily workout, and for months, around Democratic primary debate times, there, on the way down the hill, were Secret Service agents in their vans and cars keeping track of Hillary Clinton.

  • Why would the idea of building another school not be a good idea? As a recent graduate from Port Chester High School, I’ve experienced the horror of walking down those halls. With only four minutes to get to class, it was a race against the clock to make it before the bell. It was like being at the Olympics weaving through all the kids standing in the middle of the halls.

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