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  • A heartfelt thank you to all those who came out and voted for the school budget and board of education candidates. Congratulations to Anne Capeci for winning her ninth election.
  • On March 26, 2017 our son Joe passed away. A beloved son, brother, fireman, cousin, nephew and friend. As Rick, Danny and I are forced to live our lives down a difficult path, we keep repeating to ourselves, “no words,” just “no words” for what has happened. 
  • This is a wonderful and true story about the sacrifices endured by our brave men to gain our freedom during World War II. It appeared originally in "In The Eye of the Storm" by Max Lucado. Please pass it on and share it with your family this Memorial Day.
  • Port Chester’s two elections this year have followed patterns eerily similar to those of November 2016. As with the national elections, conservative candidates in Port Chester have ridden to victory on a wave of long-simmering anger from voters who felt that elected representatives had not been listening to their concerns.

  • After so many years of fighting to have no more group homes put in our little village, we now can have some hope that that will end. Through the years, our Board of Trustees has tried to stop the state from placing more group homes here, but they were unsuccessful. 
  • Last week I reported on the case of Adam Zahl, the Rye Brook Planning Board member who had been given a ticket by the Rye Brook Police for parking in the fire lane at the Rye Ridge Shopping Center while delivering merchandise to his family’s store.  
  • I have been encouraged and/or queried by many as to whether I will pursue a petition for a revote to the NYS Education Commissioner due to the improprieties that took place in the Blind Brook school board election. It is a difficult decision, weighing many concerns including the integrity of the ballot, the best interests of the community, substantial costs to be incurred by me and also the district, the timeline for the process and the history of the Commissioner in rulings related to electoral improprieties. I am most appreciative of the support and encouragement I have received.
  • It’s been a while since I’ve written a column in this space, but something happened Tuesday night that got my dander up.

  • Over the course of the year, the Knights of Columbus raffles off dining certificates to the best of Port Chester’s eateries. The money from the ticket sales benefits our social and charity works.
  • Public defender Agnes H. Fidelibus got her client Erick Mejia another postponement in Judge John Colangelo’s Rye Town Court on Wednesday, May 17—until June 7—and we have the Westchester County District Attorney to thank for that.

  • From Our Editor: Re-elect Diamond, elect Schlactus for balanced approach to education
    It’s been three years since there was a contested election in Blind Brook and, as was the case in 2014, three excellent candidates have come forward to volunteer their time and talents. It’s clear that all three are serious, thoughtful individuals who have devoted much time and energy to the school district and want nothing more than for it to continue to prosper. 
  • From Our Editor: Re-elect Capeci and Johnson to keep P.C. schools on track
    After two years of work to get a capital project approved by voters to solve the overcrowding problem in the Port Chester schools, the school board is now on track to move that project forward over the next three years. Since the $80 million plan that eventually passed was hardly a mandate from the voting community, it’s important that the project is monitored carefully and taxpayers’ dollars are spent as promised. 
  • Erick Mejia is still free on bail through May 17.

    The Guatemalan-born 20-year-old Port Chester High School senior, arrested with 19 bags of cocaine in his backpack in the school cafeteria in December 2016, got another postponement in Judge John Colangelo’s Rye Town Courtroom May 3 to consult an immigration attorney. 

  • I have known Jeff Diamond since I first met him at our Valley Terrace Block Party seven years ago. After spending some time that day with him and his lovely wife Kozue, he talked about his interest in seeking a seat on the Blind Brook Board of Education. 
  • Letter: A neighborly gesture

    Our amazing neighbor, Lenny Toscanini, makes and installs a beautiful sign for Tower Hill.

  • I have known Jen Schlactus for over 20 years. We met in an investment club where she served as treasurer, a position she would later assume for the Blind Brook PTA. She has proven to be a strong advocate for students, financially astute, an influential leader, and team player. 
  • On May 16, Port Chester voters will be able to cast votes for two Port Chester Board of Education candidates and vote on the proposed 2017-2018 school budget. I will be voting for incumbent Bob Johnson and Joe Lodato, and I will be voting yes for the school budget.

  • Elect Anne Capeci and Tom Corbia to restore much needed balance to the Board of Education, bring greater focus to student achievement, and improve Board member accountability in spending tax dollars. These are the best candidates who will do an outstanding job! 
  • I have had the distinct pleasure and privilege to know Jennifer Schlactus since my family moved to Rye Brook 16 years ago. While I was on the PTA Board I worked with and alongside Jen and witnessed firsthand her tireless advocacy on behalf of our schools and all our students.
  • I am writing in support of Bob Johnson's bid for re-election to the Port Chester Board of Education and the proposed 2017-2018 school budget.

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