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  • Village Crier: Horses ran away
    Last week I wrote about a note and a photo I received from a reader about Con Ed safety horses that had been left on Poplar Street since November. 
  • Village Crier: Blocks welcome?

    On my walks to work heading down King Street, I have seen a sign for the Presbyterian Church that perplexes me.

  • Dick Hubert: Reporter’s Notebook  Chicago’s challenge to Port Chester, Blind Brook, New York and the nation

    I was having a quiet July 4th when I read, digitally, the front page of the Washington Post print edition, and had, figuratively, my socks blown off by this mind-bending news: in 2020, the City of Chicago will start requiring each of its 381,000 students to have a confirmed life plan – or fail to get their high school diploma.

  • I’ve lived in our little village since 1982 in a wonderful little neighborhood near Port Chester High School. Of course, there have been ebbs and flows over the years and it is so easy to complain about that which makes us unhappy. So I want to take this opportunity to praise Port Chester on several accounts.

  • I didn’t attend the Board of Trustees meeting on July 17, but I did watch it at home. I was shocked to see that something that I thought was a dead issue came up again at least twice at the meeting. The ugly head of a bad issue reared itself into the dialogue of a couple of trustees. I don’t know if many of our residents heard it, but it is going to be a bad issue again if true.

  • We would like to take this opportunity to say “thank you” to some of our finest. In today’s day and age, many people are the first to complain and the last to say, “You did a great job!”

  • Letter: Hairdresser wants some answers

    I’m the owner of Dannielle Coiffeurs at 25 North Pearl St. I have had the business for 48 years, which is open only three days a week, from Thursday through Saturday.

  • Village Crier: Safety horses that aren’t safe

    Last week I received a note and a photo from one of our readers. The subject line read: “Con Ed Safety Horses” and the text was: “These horses have been sitting in the road on Poplar Street since last November!”

  • Before I get to my points, please know that if I poke fun at someone or something, I, too, live in a glass house. With plenty of faults of my own, I am okay with “rocks” being thrown my way. Sometimes well-deserved. And if I use any generalities, know that there are many who do not fit into such categories and are good, hardworking, and honest people. Here are a few things that have been stirring in me lately. 

  • With the critical issue of the United Hospital redevelopment largely behind us, I intend to devote my energies as Village Trustee to another issue I prominently mentioned during my campaign, City Status. I ask interested, qualified members of the public to consider joining me.

  • A funny thing happened on the way to Oakland Beach on Sunday, July 9 at about 1 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Cars were lined up all the way up Dearborn Avenue, none of which could gain access to the parking area. Wow, I thought, did everyone in Westchester decide to go for a swim today? 
  • In support of Joan Grangenois-Thomas’ letter from May 24, we must work in coalition to ensure the town receives what it needs and what it deserves. 
  • Village Crier Library – where?
    On my walks around town I have noticed a sign on Putnam Avenue near Lyon Park that reads “library” with an arrow. The sign and the arrow point north toward Greenwich. 
  • Reporter’s Notebook: Dick Hubert  Naming rights. And wrongs.
    Have you recently crossed the Malcom Wilson Bridge? Are you looking forward to crossing the Mario Cuomo Bridge? Have you thought about the possibility that sometime in the future you or your loved ones will be crossing the Donald Trump Bridge? 
  • Letter: A heartfelt tribute to Holy Rosary Church
    After 112 years, Our Lady of The Rosary Church, aka Holy Rosary Church, on Don Bosco Place in Port Chester, held its last English Mass on Sunday, June 25. 
  • Village Crier: Half a buck for mayo, ketchup or mustard?
    Times must be tough at Tarry Market. That’s the deli/restaurant on North Main Street in Port Chester around the corner from Tarry Lodge. My wife and I recently went there for lunch. I had a delicious Cobb salad and my wife had one of her favorite things, a lobster roll.
  • Tribute: Rita Unger has touched many lives during 28 years at Congregation KTI
    As with many stories of devotion, this one begins with a teacher setting out to make a difference in young lives. Twenty-eight years later, that same soul has touched lives young and old and in-between. Rita Unger, a resident of Rye Brook, began her KTI career as a teacher in the Early Childhood Program (ECP) in the late eighties. 
  • To my kids, teachers and parents at King Street School:

    I want to wish you all a happy and great summer. I will miss not seeing you all every day.

  • It’s impossible to believe that in our densely populated little village, where the majority of residents feel that we do not need any more housing, another proposal is being considered by the Planning Commission. In the Westmore News last Friday, there was a small article about Lou Larizza wanting to build a four-story, twenty-four housing unit building on South Regent Street.

  • A few weeks ago, Joan Grangenois-Thomas’s analysis of the local (Port Chester) political situation was on point. All politics are local. 
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