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  • Reporter’s Notebook: A truly money-fueled Congressional campaign

    See that dining table awash in fliers for Democratic Congressional candidate Jon Ossoff?

    That’s part of what more than $8.3 million (raised as of Apr. 5, 2017) will get you in what is probably the most expensive Congressional race in Georgia history and a national record for an amount raised in a single quarter for any Congressional campaign in history. 

  • I wonder if anyone else has agonized about running for the School Board like my wife, Jennifer, has over the past nine months. Her hesitancy about running for office, however, shows just why she deserves your support. 

  • Not only have I been friends with Jen Schlactus for well over a decade, I’ve also had the privilege of working by her side on many occasions. I can say without hesitation that when Jen talks about “Putting Our Kids First” it’s not just a campaign slogan; it’s her guiding philosophy. 

  • am writing to announce my candidacy for the Blind Brook Board of Education.

    A resident since 1996 together with my wife, Fern, and my two sons, Blake and Spencer, in two months I will no longer be a parent of a Blind Brook student.
  • It is with great enthusiasm that I write to support the candidacy of Jennifer Schlactus for the Blind Brook Board of Education.

  • Joe Lodato and I haven’t known each other very long; less than a year actually. We met during our service together on the Bond Advisory Committee (BAC). Getting to know Joe was easy. Week after week, I learned a little bit more about Joe. I learned that Joe is kind and friendly, that our kids go to the same school, and that we live in the same neighborhood. 
  • Do you pay your mortgage with your credit card? Do you sell a piece of jewelry to cover expenses at the end of the month? Of course not! But you know who does? Westchester County under the leadership of Rob Astorino.

  • Reporter’s Notebook: Flying with a flight map on your ‘entertainment’ screen

    At 35,000 feet and beyond, on a lengthy international flight, in the comfort of a 787, 777-300, A-380, or A-350, it’s easy to lose yourself in a nap, movie, some classical music, or, if you don’t have any work on your laptop demanding your attention, the flight map on your aircraft’s “entertainment” system. 

  • There’s an important public hearing on Monday, Apr. 17 that residents and business owners should be aware of: The Village Manager has recommended increasing the price of parking tickets by $10 to make up for a budget shortfall. 

  • The coverage of the Rob Astorino Town Hall Meeting in Port Chester was so over-the-top against Astorino that reporter Casey Watts even failed to mention that over half the attendees were from Yonkers and have their own agenda, which is very different from ours. 
  • I am writing to announce my candidacy to serve on the Port Chester School Board. I am a retired school teacher, a former administrator, and a former school trustee. I am currently a varsity coach and a commissioner on the Port Chester Housing Authority. 
  • First and foremost, congratulations on the spectacular editing you do for your weekly local newspaper. You keep me informed of what is happening in my community. Without your paper, I would be at a loss because I do not have a computer (by choice) so I have no Internet access. 
  • Dear friends and fellow taxpayers, after the school bond was approved by the voters, I decided that my letter writing would come to an end. After watching the board of trustees meeting in which they were discussing the upcoming village budget, I had to come forth with an opinion.

  • Letter: Thank you to voters

    The Port Chester Partnership for Schools and Community would like to thank the voters for approving the bond to improve our schools and giving our students the space and facilities they need to compete in the 21st century.

  • Port Chester has experienced a surge of community pride with the passing of the school bond. Our well-earned pride continues to move us towards a better future. I am running for a seat on the Board of Education because I believe my finance and non-profit experience will secure the continued success of our Port Chester Public Schools.

  • Fasten your seat belts folks! Now that the $80 million school bond has passed at a cost to the average taxpayer of around 98 cents per day, the proposed Port Chester village tax levy for this fiscal year is just shy of this at 92 cents per day for the average single-family household. 
  • With this letter, I am announcing my intent to run for re-election to a third term on the Port Chester Board of Education. Six years of experience on this board, merged with my background as a business professional, educator, school parent and homeowner, have uniquely qualified me to be an informed and engaged contributor to the mission of our schools.

  • Due to bad weather, last week's planned Abendroth Park and Port Chester Dog Park Clean-up Day has been moved to Sat., Apr. 8 from 10 a.m. to noon.

  • Erick Mejia is free for another month, at least.

    The 20-year-old, now-suspended Port Chester High School senior from Guatemala, arrested in December by Rye Brook Police with 19 bags of cocaine in his backpack in the school cafeteria, is still free on $2,000 bail as his Rye Brook attorney and, in his case, taxpayer-paid public defender, Agnes H. Fidelibus, is working on a plea agreement with the county prosecutor. 
  • When I joined the Blind Brook Board of Education in 2011, it was in the wake of a full-blown financial crisis. I promised the community that I was committed to educational excellence and to fiscal responsibility. 

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