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  • Letter: Thank you, Port Chester and Rye Brook!
    The Port Chester High School Marching Band’s Booster Drive took place on Sunday, Aug. 27. 
  • Dick Hubert: Reporter’s Notebook  Mutual aid and hydrants: Safety report
    Here are some local headlines generated by last week’s column on the: a) failure of fire hydrant pressure near the Sprainbrook Nursery twice in nine months; and b) the controversy over mutual aid and why the Greenville Fire Department did not call Ardsley.
  • Port Chester's plans to revitalize some 120 acres in the downtown by partnering with a master developer can be informed by a similar experience in New Rochelle, the only other Sound Shore community to take this route to redevelopment. 
  • I have known Rosemarie Capocci a very long time. I consider her a friend and an honest individual who I am sure spoke sincerely from her heart in her letter to the editor in last week’s paper. However, I must disagree with some things that were mentioned in her letter.

  • The Port Chester Dog Park Group is happy to announce our 2nd Annual “Pawsiversary,” to be held Sept. 23 at the Dog Park at Abendroth Park from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. (rain date Sept. 24). 
  • Port Chester is my home. I have lived here almost a decade and in Westchester County for more than 40 years. Port Chester has changed since my wife’s great grandfather arrived here in the 1880s.
  • It was the second weekend in August, and while my son was traveling on a camp road trip through the Deep South, I watched the unfolding events in Charlottesville with mounting concern and disbelief. 
  • Letter: Corpus Christi Church is my church

    The name Corpus Christi Church should have remained the same. It will always be known as Corpus Christi Church (CCC) to me and my family and to the many parishioners of the church.

  • Dick Hubert Reporter's Notebook:An ugly story of a political firetrap
    Residents of Port Chester and Rye Brook with even limited political memories know that battle royal politics between fire departments that are paid, volunteer, or a combination thereof can put property and lives at risk seemingly with no legal or political retribution. 
  • We have been attending Board of Education meetings for many years now. We have had the “privilege” to be allowed to speak many times on various issues. 
  • Regretfully, once again a gun show is being contemplated for the Westchester County Center this coming January, according to a Sept. 1 article at 
  • As a candidate for Westchester County Executive, I've been identifying the many things I intend to do if elected. Walking into Playland—near where I live—I saw the entrance sign for the park, with the name of the County Executive prominently displayed on a sign. 
  • In Line with Caroline: The ABCs of back-to-school shopping
    It’s that time of year, when frazzled parents and kids flock to stores on those dreaded back-to-school shopping trips. The average family will spend $688 on supplies, adding up to $29.5 billion nationwide for children in kindergarten through high school, according to the National Retail Federation. 
  • I am writing in response to Mr. Hubert's column of Aug. 25. As a Gender Studies professor, I am well aware of the difficulties in formulating a policy regarding how to deal with crime on campus––particularly that of sexual assault. 
  • The merger of our Catholic parishes is a difficult transition which has tried our patience and might have even put our love for God and Church to the test. Being uprooted from our parishes is a change that we have no control over, but if we allow this change to easily uproot our faith, how strong could our faith have been to begin with? 
  • I am the senior citizen Paul Zaccagnino wrote about in last week’s Westmore News. My name is Connie Catalano.

  • I am responding to give another, more accurate story about the church merger. Father Pat did not name the new parish St. John Bosco; that was done by Cardinal Dolan. Yes, Father Pat did ask for parish input on the name, and advising the parish that the Cardinal had the final say. 
  • I would like to take a moment to welcome our community back to a new school year. I hope everyone spent time this summer doing something they really enjoyed. I’m excited to say I spent my summer doing my homework. I read our contracts and our policy manual. 
  • How long does it take for someone who is arrested for cocaine possession to make it out of the criminal court system – either as a free person or to jail (for misdemeanors) or prison (for felonies)? 

  • My absence in these columns over the last three weeks can be attributed to a trip to France and the Netherlands and a total involvement in the history, culture, and current political and social struggles in these two European societies. 
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