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  • As we approach two public votes in March, we would like to clearly restate our ongoing policy regarding letters to the editor. Letters to the editor from now on related to either vote must be 500 words or less. 
  • Beautiful People: Denise Colangelo
    Denise Colangelo truly believes a community can come together no matter its differing political, socio-economic or racial makeup. She has proven that theory time and time again with the work she has done in Port Chester for the past 40 years.
  • Letter: 100-year-old Uncle Joe Frank: A very significant man
    It is morning at Marianacci’s Restaurant in Port Chester. There have been more than 24,000 of them. Marianacci’s was a success when McDonald’s was still an experiment. The short, lean, white-haired man working steadily in the corner is Joseph “Uncle Joe” Frank.
  • Friends and neighbors, I would like to write a few lines about our upcoming mayoral election here in Port Chester. 
  • From a distance, one cannot fail to be impressed with the municipal knowledge and strong experience that Richard “Fritz” Falanka brings to the table gained from 29 years of government service. As Village Clerk, Assistant Village Manager and Village Manager, Fritz has presented numerous department-level and Village-wide budgets, interacted with thousands of Village residents to address their problems, managed Village operations on a daily basis, and provided steady leadership to staff.
  • Residents of Port Chester have worked for much-needed affordable housing for many years. There have been some successes such as Fox Island affordable condos and a 10% set-aside for affordable housing in residential zoning districts. 
  • All over Facebook®, local neighborhoods, and local print, the war of words continues regarding the upcoming vote for the Port Chester School District project. Despite what you may have read or heard, bond is not a four-letter word.

  • The Port Chester School District (PCSD) bond vote is scheduled for Mar. 28, a mere one week after the mayoral election on Mar. 21. It is important to use this space to highlight a few points.

  • Fritz Falanka will make an excellent Mayor because he will bring forth issues that really matter and bring projects that will bring about positive changes to Port Chester’s local economy and the overall health of our community. 
  • When it comes to the forthcoming school bond, I hope that all registered Port Chester school district voters will make an effort to come out to the polls. The outcome of this vote will affect the education of children in our district for years to come. 

  • I have been a resident of Port Chester for 11 years. I lack the access to housing for working people just like the rest of my community here in Port Chester. 
  • My name is Greg Montoya and I want to take this written opportunity to give Fritz Falanka my endorsement for Village Mayor. 
  • This past Sunday, the New York Times’ Real Estate section included a showcase of Port Chester titled “Suburban Touches with a Bustling Downtown.” It highlights our Village’s vibrant center of luxury rental buildings within walking distance of the train station and the multitude of great ethnic restaurants, while recognizing our diversity and dense population.

  • The Port Chester school bond will be going before the voters on Mar. 28, and as we all know, the last bond was defeated. People who voted against that bond and who plan to vote against this bond should realize that many changes being made to the schools MUST be made. 
  • Letter: Let’s Huddle together
    On Saturday, Feb. 11, an energetic group of 60 (we expected 40!) gathered at Community Synagogue of Rye for our first Huddle. Huddle is an offshoot of the Women’s March on Washington, with the stated mission to “…gather together in our neighborhoods all over the world to define our next steps, and envision how to transform the energy we saw at Women’s Marches into local and national action.”
  • On Mar. 21, 2017, I will cast my vote for Fritz Falanka for mayor of Port Chester. Mr. Falanka has the passion and dedication to take a project from start to finish and see it through to completion with a high regard of integrity to ensure it is done properly and well executed. 

  • I’m writing this letter in support of the Port Chester school bond. I understand that this bond proposal affects people in different ways and that there is no easy answer. With that said, I do ask that everyone speak to a current Port Chester student and hear from them what they are going through day in and day out. 
  • It is an honor to give my support and wish my friend Fritz Falanka much success in the upcoming election on Mar. 21, 2017. I have known Fritz for many years now and I know how concerned he is about our community.

  • My children and I recently made Port Chester our home. The people here have been welcoming and kind, but very smart and savvy as well. Having lived and worked in Westchester most of my life, it is not surprising to see political and philosophical divisions here, too – especially around issues like taxes.

  • Two months ago the international news magazine The Economist published the results of the 2015 testing of 540,000 15-year-olds from across the world in reading, math and science - the so-called PISA (Program for International Student Assessment) exam.

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